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Subway Train
TC_LR Car 03 Crew Quarters_14x5.png
TC_LR Car 18 Sleeper Basic_14x5.png
TC_LR Car 12 First Class_14x5.png
TC_LR Car 14 Steerage_14x5.png
TC_LR Car 06 Dining_14x5.png
TC_LR Car 04 Premium_14x5.png
TC_LR Car 27 Cargo Crates_14x5.png
TC_LR Car 01 Engine_14x5.png
TC_LR Car 01 Engine_14x5.png
TC_LR Car 14 Steerage_14x5.png

Passenger Car Challenge 1 - Find the seats. Only 2 of these are not like the others... Good luck.

Her Majesty

Passenger Car Challenge 2: Unscramble the scraps. 5.6-7

Shout out the name and location once you've solved the puzzle!

Rainbow Pop It

Dining car phone hack -

Do you have the answer to life the universe and everything including Karen's phone code? Look this over twice...

Mobile Phone

Search the baggage car backwards and forwards... Shuffle through everything!

Shout out the 5 word phrase when you think you've found the bag!

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