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Wrapped Gift Boxes
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Dirty Santa Gameplay

*Generally, each gift may only be stolen once per round. 

*During prior games you will have the opportunity to win Blue Blocks and Green Counters.

*Blue Blocks and Green Counters can only be used once.

A Blue Block can be used to prevent another player from stealing from you.

A Green Counter can be used to steal a gift that has already been stolen that round.


Round 1:

Player #1 selects from the available presents and HR will reveal it.

Round 2:

Player #2 can be Dirty Santa & steal Player #1's prize or select another to reveal a new prize. 

If Player #2 steals, play reverts to Player #1 to reveal a new prize. 

Round 3:

Player #3 can reveal a new prize or steal from any player that went before them. 

If there is a steal, play reverts to the player stolen from to steal or reveal a new prize.

Round 4 & Beyond:

Rounds will repeat in a similar fashion to Round 3 until all presents have been revealed and all players have a prize. 

Final Round:

Player #1 will now have the opportunity to steal as they did not have this option before. 

Play will continue until someone decides to keep their gift.

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