Undrowning - Wave 3

This is blog 3 of 6 discussing an art series I started in 2012. Read parts 1 and 2 and here.

I completed Wave 3, The Healing Wave just a couple of days after the 2nd wave.

After a period of feeling particularly crushed by a romantic break up, I had just begun to realize that no relationship or external idea was going to 'fix' my 'brokenness.' I knew how to live in the past but building a future was frightening. Our familiar monsters seem less harmful than the possibilities of strange new demons to battle... I'd spent a life time looking back and felt like that was all I knew how to do. I had convinced myself that I just had too much stuff; I had too much baggage, too many cracks and bruises to ever be whole or worthy. When I dug deep into the pain, I began to understand that I was drowning myself in rivers I was crying.

Wave 3 represents the beginning of a deep personal healing and ne