Snakes, birds & anonymous online stalkers.

Inktober 2018, Poison

Ya'll, I don't like snakes.

I do enjoy researching antiquity. Many of the oldest rituals of mankind invoke serpent imagery. Far from being a symbol of evil, ancient cultures associated snakes with many concepts including: duality, mother goddesses, fertility, and much more. Still, snakes creep me out. I believe that what really creeps me out about them, is my own lack of knowledge. I know that some are really dangerous; so I fear them all.

Recently, I researched the symbols of alchemy. According to this ancient discipline, all things break down to sulfur, mercury, and salt. While many see alchemy as a quest to create gold, there are many that take a more philosophical approach to this school of thought. These secret teachings regard sulfur as the soul or essence of a thing.