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2020 Vision

I drew this one in September after we lost RBJ. I am not a Republican, nor a Democrat but I believe this man is insincere and corrupt. I pledge allegiance to liberty and justice for all, he clearly does not.

I wrote this poem back in June. I was demonized for being 'too peaceful' in my efforts to try to build bridges and help people to understand things from different perspectives.:

2020 Vision

I hope hindsight really is 2020...

Letting history keep repeating isn’t very funny.

When the grey smoke clears, and you’ve come through,

please take a rainbow into the future with you.

We are colorblind, yet can only see

red and blue and especially green.

Finally bad enough to put down our screens,

a pandemic has painted our world in HD.

Red fires burning, blood, sweat and fears...

“Obey! All life’s hard; go drown in your tears.”

Blue stayed calm, “Baby steps and we can’t fall...”

Bruised, abused, blue pushed Biden on us all.

Green is most popular in shades of rectangular mints.

Mother earth is screaming, and we’re ignoring the hints.

Orange uniforms became the new slave chains.

Children were put in cages by he who shall no longer be named.

There are more than two sides to every coin

Because for a flat metal cylinder three sides must join.

We’ve been stuck in a game with rules we didn’t choose.

Why do we keep playing head’s I win, tails you lose?

Between the left and the right is a beautiful sight,

a rainbow shines brightly there. I hope it keeps it's light.

Instead of selecting which seems less evil

realize that BOTH parties have failed our people.

The pyramid of government must reflect like a prism.

Black lives matter therefore we must start with racism.

Instead of drawing lines and conclusions and guns

Humanity will perish if we don’t come together as one.

Finally: I drew this one this month. Again, I'll likely be admonished for being 'too peaceful.' That's not my problem though.

I hope we all find peace in the coming months. Like crayons of vastly different colors we need to learn to live in the same box. Together we can make beautiful things.

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