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About Bottle Blossoms!

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Bottle blossoms are flowers made from discarded plastic bottles. Many are collected during local litter clean ups. Each bottle is washed and sanitized. Bottles are then carefully cut into the desired shape and many are then heat sculpted for a more natural look. After shaping, each flower is painted and dried. Next flowers are given a stem, again made from various single use items. Some stems are made from old pen casings or coat hangers and many are made from heat sculpted soda bottle rope. I use the other parts of bottles to also make leaves. Once individual flowers are completed, they are assembled into arrangements.

Bottle bouquets last longer than traditional flowers and save single use items from the landfill. Each flower takes between 45 minutes and 1&1/2 hours to craft! These are a great gift for the eco-minded folks in your life.


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