Back Alley Studio Art

I had the privilege of serving as Theater Admin for The Flowertown Players for several years. The view from the box office window granted me a unique perspective. I constantly interacted with almost everyone who came to theater for any reason. I got to meet the cast & crew, see the tech rehearsals, work with the board of directors, serve the patrons...

One of my favorite things was giving youth tours. I fondly remember one young visitor telling me he felt like an explorer in a pyramid. For these tours, I'd get to explain all that goes into creating a show to eager ears. I'd often end each session by asking what students aspired to be when they grew up and then explaining how whatever disciplines they called out could be utilized in theatre.

Engineers, artists, admins, carpenters, accountants, costumers, dancers, technicians, grant writers, volunteers, leaders, electricians, web designers, singers and visitors... All bringing their portion of a story, a world, a central idea, to life. Each actor memorizing their part of a book all to convey ideas to the audience. Theater has always been a place to explore ideas; To laugh and cry and feel everything in between. My favorites are those shows that leave you thinking. A great show can carry you from the Low Country to amazing new worlds and adventures with out ever leaving your seat.