Undrowning - Wave 1

This is my first blog on the updated site! I'll be using the new blog to connect with you in a more meaningful way by sharing the stories behind my creations and the general awesomeness of the universe!

This blog is part 1 of 6 as I take you through my Waves Away Series. I created Waves Away 1, Rip Tide On October 30th, 2012.

Wave 1 - Rip Tide

When I created it, this wave represented pain and sadness... and so much loss... loss of control, clarity, vision and direction. In the fall of 2012, tropical storm Sandy was raining down damage on the North East US. I was worried for family & friends in the path of the devastating natural force. A storm was also raging in my heart and mind. I felt broken and out of control. This storm had been brewing for a long time...

See I had survived 16 years of physical, mental, & sexual abuse and I endured my own mother's betrayal. I'm a foster care alumni. In high school I tried, and nearly succeeded, in becoming a suicide statistic. I had married too young trying to 'fix&#