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Scarecrows 2018

It's that time of year again! If you know me, you know I love one particular Summerville fall fundraiser... I'm talking about The Junior Service League of Summerville's Scarecrows on the Square event! This unique event raises funds for local school districts and allows Summerville's creativity to shine in the heart of downtown. I've enjoyed being a part of this event since 2012. SOTS is moving a few blocks this year because of the Hutchinson Square renovations but it's still happening! 

Check out this slide show of displays from past years and then read on for more info about getting involved this year! 

The 2018 Scarecrow theme - Litter Bugs Us:

This year's plan is to heat sculpt recycled bottle rope into a spider web. If litter bugs you too, I'd love for you to sponsor one of the bugs that will be crawling on it. Bugs for the web will also be made from recycled items. Your name or business will be placed on the bugs. Due to the size restrictions of the display I have to limit pledges. 

It will be $10 for businesses and civic groups and $5 for individuals and families. This money is not to be paid to me. Sponsors are pledging to vote for Renewed Views display at one of the several local locations that votes are collected. Drop a comment if you're interested in adding your voice to this year's display! The best part is these funds help local schools. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you updates!

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