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Fall 2021 Artventures

Greetings All!

I've not been very active the last few months due to construction at our home. Now that we've come through that I'm entering a busier time again! Here are some upcoming events:

1. I Am Voices Flower Hours

I AM Voices Mission is to provide a web of support for young girls and young women; especially those aging out of the foster care system, facing sexual violence or bouts of homelessness. They provide a safe environment, services, support, and a safe place for victims of abuse.

I AM Voices is hosting bi-weekly discussions on a variety of topics including: boundaries, budgeting, self love, yoga, etiquette, art, meditation, balloon making, entrepreneurship, and more.

I'm helping to host two art sessions:

The Healing Power of Art

September 26th at 9AM

-In this 30 minute session we will delve into some heART work! We’ll briefly explore these seven fundamental concepts for creating art: line, shape, value, form, space, color and texture. We’ll also talk about the ways art can help with personal healing.

The Zen of Art

November 21st at 9AM

-In this 30 minute session we’ll spend some time playing with lines! We’ll create 2-3 drawings that look complex but are created using simple patterns. Zen line art allows you to focus on setting a pattern and then relax as you settle into the repetition.

Find I AM Voices on Facebook here:

Sign up for Flower Hour here.

2. Zen Tangle Art Time

Join me for some zen line time! I'll show you how easy it is to create cool drawings with a simple line pattern. Grab something to draw with and something to draw on and join me live on Renewed Views Facebook page.

7:30 PM September 19th

October 24th

November 21st

3. Scarecrows on the Square

October 15th - 30th

It's that time of year again! Y'all know I love one particular Summerville fall fundraiser... I'm talking about The Junior Service League of Summerville's annual Scarecrows on the Square event! This unique event raises funds for local school districts and allows Summerville's creativity to shine in the heart of downtown. I've enjoyed being a part of this event since 2012. With all the unknowns I did not participate last year. I'm excited to be signed up again this year!

Last time I created a scarecrow out of soda bottles and other litter. Here are some photos of 'Fred.'

Click here for a look back at other past entries!

4. Inktober!

Inktober is an annual drawing challenge that I have participated in to some extent for several years now. Each day, throughout the month of October artists from around the world draw something based off of a word prompt. I will post my Inktober creations here: If you'd like to participate, get the prompt list here:

5. Christmas shopping!

Ok.... this one isn't really an event, but Christmas will be here before we know it. Check out my store to get something unique for a loved one this year. A portion of all my sales support I AM Voices mission. Specifically the Blooming Flowers Transitional home. Check back in a few weeks for new merchandise announcements!

Thanks for reading! Talk with you soon!


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