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May 2024 Artventures

Let's take a look back at all the art we created in May!

This past month, I colored nearly 20 coloring pages! I posted the coloring process of many of them as reels on Facebook and Instagram.

I'm still not a giant fan of reels but I recognize that some people enjoy seeing that process so, I'm trying to get better at it.

If you'd like to see all of my completed pages they are in an album over on Facebook.

If you complete pages please tag me because I would absolutely love to see your creations!

The pages have been printed from both of my books but the one that is pictured was my free coloring page for the month of May. The monthly coloring pages are not in either of the books, these are pulled from a stash of previously unreleased designs.

June's design is already available! Get the free printable here.


Pst.... If you want even more coloring fun, the most recent book is only $11!


I also drew this fun fan art. It was a redraw of a colored pencil, Belle-inspired, piece from many years ago.

I honestly don't consider it completely finished yet so it's a work in progress that's simultaneously 'done for now.'

So many Schrödinger's artworks... (:

I always see areas where I can improve, but over all, I rather like how this came out. I plan to do more fan art practice pieces soon.

As usual, these types of derivative works will not be available for sale but might make their way into the Treasure Chest!


Over on Twitch, the community chose the prompts for these next two works in progress...

By choosing the setting, character, art style, random item, and emotion my community comes up with some pretty out there stuff!

I like to be challenged and this certainly is a challenge!

For the first, more finished piece, I was drawing more in my own style to capture the general idea of the scene. We actually began working on this in April but I didn't really finish it up until mid-May. There are still a few little tweaks that I need to make before I consider it totally finished.

The second piece is the same scene but in the style that the community requested... Pointillism... Pointillism is officially now the only art style I have banned as an option.

I'm using a digital program that tracks the brush strokes and wowzers... We're already 100,000+ dots into this thing and I feel like I'll never finish it!

I will of course... but it's gonna be a while.


Speaking of Twitch, I also drew up 2 new emotes for the community this past month.

I could explain... but I'm not gonna. Come say hi over on Twitch one night to get the lowdown on the channel lure!


I never feel like I'm doing enough, but wow, putting it all together in a summary for anyone that might be interested, makes me realize that I produced way more than I thought I did this past month! Just a few more to share!

Here are some really simplified drafts for my first ever D&D character that I drew up this past month.

I'm having a friggen blast with D & D by the way! So much fun with a great group! Can't wait to draw up a group scene and continue expanding on the base sketch for my character.


Finally, as this past month is known as Mer-May in the online art space, I drew up a couple of mermaids too!

Mermaids usually aren't 'my thing' but I like how these two came out.


In addition to everything I shared, I also drew quite a lot of thumbnails and other drafts for projects that I'm not ready to show just yet... (:

Anywho... Thank you for making it all the way to the end!

Please leave me a like or a comment so that I know you were here. I'd love to hear your thoughts on any of the art or words I've shared.

Thanks again for reading!

See you around the Internetlands soon!

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